Our Story

The kitchen is often the busiest room in a home-but for our family, it was where we worked on the spoils of a father-and-son hobby. The hobby was beekeeping, and we started out small in 1998 but expanded into producing so much honey that we had to give it away to friends and neighbors.

Eventually, we had so much that we had to go to farmer’s markets to sell it. In less than six years, our accountant told us that our hobby had become a business. And, in 2004, Gipson Golden, Inc. was born.

Our business had grown so large that we couldn’t work in the kitchen anymore, so we moved to our new location and started to hire the crew that would become our new extended family.

Gipson’s Golden has always been a family business, and we continue to this day to emphasize quality over quantity. We’re proud to put our family name on the labels of every Jar and we think you’ll love what we’ve created.

John-Gipson of Gipson's Golden_JNZ5500
John Gipson the Head Drone
Gipson's Golden honey production
Gipson's Golden Honey in Production

  Meet the Gipson's Golden Crew

John Gipson
Gipson's Golden-productio
Gipson's Golden-productio

John - Lead Drone (CEO)

John started beekeeping back in 1987 as a hobby and a way to spend some extra time bonding with his kids. In 1998 the hobby took off and Gipson's Golden, Inc. is now a leading producer of raw, natural, organic and kosher certified honey. John now spends his time attending bee conferences, learning about his bees, and selling some of the best honey ever produced!

Kristina - Queen Bee (Office Manager)

Kristina is Queen of the office and keeps the hive on track. She's responsible for keeping John out of trouble, and is the bee that you want to talk to if you need anything!

Jenny - Worker Bee (Office Assistant)

Kristina needed a bee to organize and help around the office and Jenny buzzed right in. She has never backed down from an office challenge, flying around this hive as busy as a bee.

Virginia - Head Worker Bee (Production Supervisor)

You didn't think it was the same bees that make the honey that bottle the honey did you? Virginia makes sure that the honey stays raw and natural, the jars stay filled, and the worker bees keep busy.

Rudy - Delivery Bee (Sales)

Our bees may bring us the honey, but this worker bee will bring it to you! Sunshine or rain, sleet or snow, this bee will make sure the honey is delivered! Rudy flies as far as needed, from Redding to Monterey.

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