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We are family-owned and
operated producer of
single-flower honeys in the
heart of Northern
California's Wine Country.
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Our honey is undiluted,
unheated, with the
exception of bits of wax
and comb, keeping enzymes,
minerals, antioxidants active.

From Flowers

Wildflower, Clover,
Blackberry, Orange Blossom,
Star Thistle, and Sage
are just a few of the
single-flower honeys we offer.

Special varietals

We have a variety of speciality honeys available, including Manzanita, Avocado, and Eucalyptus, as well as Lavender and Australian Organic.

We take care of bees

When harvesting honey from beehives, beekeepers only take a portion of the honey the bees have stored. The harvesting time is scheduled specifically to avoid harming bees.

Proteins and vitamins

We bring you the purest, golden, raw honey.  We focus on the quality of the honey not the quantity.

All the happy and healthy vibes!

Gipson Golden RASBERRY

Gipson Golden Products-LAVENDER-HONEY
Gipson's Golden CLOVER honey